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Your Facebook Ads Done Right!


We will help you identify your target audience, leverage your fans, blow past your competitors and even get directly in front of customized audiences. We can help you ReMarket and ReTarget to everyone that visits your website so that you always stay "Top Of Mind".

Facebook Ads (Monthly)
Start Reaching Clients Now!

This will help your small, mid-size or large businesses dominate the competition on Facebook with professional hyper-targeted laser-focused Facebook Ads.


We will create your ads in the Power Editor using high-quality images/videos and professionally written copy done for you and with you so you know we have your message right.


We will market your Facebook Ads to 3 types of audiences.


1. Targeted Audience - based on the info provided to us from our Demographics Sheet.


2. ReTarget Audience - based on the visitors that are already going to your website. (if metrics are available)

Social Media Posts (Monthly)
Start Reaching Clients Now!

This will help your small, mid-size or large businesses stay relevant and add tremendous value to your customers with daily posts for engagement.



1. This gets you daily posts on up to any 3 Social Media sites you choose.


  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • YouTube (video creation included)

  • Pinterest

  • other ...


2. Posts can be text or graphic, this does not include video creation.


These are relevant topics, ideas, contests, questions, polls, facts, news, etc...


3. Customer engagement is included if necessary.


From time to time companies need a social media manager to field questions on their channels. It is important that I have a contact email to decrease response time for customer service issues.


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