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Juggling 101 - A Team Building Workshop

"Juggling reduces stress, it gives the brain a break from the everyday tasks at hand that can sometimes paralyze even the most productive employee."

Juggling Workshops That Build The Team ...


If you are like most corporate employees you might be wondering how Juggling could possibly be a great Team Building activity, I mean don't you juggle all by yourself?


What if I told you that even though most Juggling does happen individually but the act of everyone learning how to juggle at the same time, in the same room, with the same techniques would be instrumental in bonding as a team, would you believe me?


When you are in a room filled with your peers and the only object is to learn how to juggle, you get to see first hand how your co workers are going to navigate this task. You get to feel the same frustration as everyone literally drops the ball, and triumphs as the coordination sets in and you or your colleagues begin to master the basic 3 ball pattern.


When the Juggling Workshop is finished you may or may not be a better juggler but you will definitely have a greater understanding of what it takes to succeed in your company and productivity WILL increase.


Not to mention its super fun!!

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